Here are the FAQs for Visual Novels:

Question 01: Does this work for Windows and Mac?

Most of these Visual Novels only work for Windows OS. Maybe the newer games will support Mac OS, but for the most part, it will only run on Windows OS. 

Question 02: Why can’t I install the Visual Novels?

Try changing your system’s language location.  Go to your control panel and find the “region and language” section. Click on the location’s lab and change it to Japan. After the restart, try installing it again and it should work.

Question 03: Are there English Translations?

Most of these visual novel games are not translated. Some may have English translations, but no other languages. 

Question 04: Will you be providing other links?

The current link I will provide is Mega. I find this one the most trusting hosting site without any interruptions in between so you will not need to worry about viruses. If I get more request for different links, then I will provide a different one with requested recommendations. 

Question 05: Can you upload a specific Visual Novel?

I will host provide a link for the requested visual novel if I can find them and then verify it is the legit copy.

Please do support the Visual Novel’s publisher by buying their game at their website.