Henshin!!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ 「へんし~ん!!! ~パンツになってクンクンペロペロ」



““Ahhh… I wish I was a girl’s panties” After Yuuji said that, his imouto Miko left him and is now staying at the girls’ dormitory. He debated if panties would be too stimulating and if he should be a skirt or a chair instead, all the while lamenting why he was born a human. Coming home one day, he came upon a talking cat-like thing that had collapsed. As thanks for taking care of her, she gives him a cell phone that allows him to transform into anything! Armed with his new ability, he heads out to fulfill his dream of teasing girls.”

Source: vndb

Release: 05/20/2011
File type: Installing / EXE
Genre: Sex, Male Protagonist, Shapeshifting, Ecchi, School Uniform
Publisher: May-Be Soft
Language: Japanese
Interface: Japanese / English
Censorship: No
Size: 3.7 GB~
Rating: R
Length: 10+ Hours


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