Hello! This is a blog with all the visual novels games, ranging from PG to R ratings. All the links will be to Mega; if you want alternative options, please let me know and I’ll add more links, but for the moment, it will be only Mega links.

This will be home of where you can download all different genres of Visual Novels! I will try my best to find all different kind of Visual Novels and provide them for everyone to download. Please remember if you do like the Visual Novel, please support the publisher. I will also include that in all the post. All kinds as of now will only be Mega links so there will be NO interruptions in between as I do NOT own these games and I am only here to share it with everyone.

About Me, AngelUnquie:

I’m a girl that loves Visual Novel Games. My favorite Visual Novel Company is Key also known for Clannad, Rewrite and much more good visual novels. I will keep updating different kinds of genres as I get them. Some of these genres I will not play as they are disturbing in some ways (from a girl’s view).  If there are any requests, please comment in the “request” section tab.